How To Become Larger Than Life

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Anna Morten
We’ve Got it Wrong! is an honest, inspirational and incredibly thought-provoking account of the author’s work at a maximum-security prison for men.
An extraordinary story - a mind-boggling read.
Anna Morten shares her often shocking professional insight into the thinking of incarcerated offenders and immigration detainees, the suffering forced upon the victims of crime and their families, the skyrocketing rate of crime and re-offending, the devastating consequences of Post Incarceration Syndrome, and the undeniable role the correctional system and an uncaring public play in the dilemma.

The intent is to raise awareness of issues that need to be known by all for the sake of all, to create a greater interest in a highly problematic area of the community that concerns everyone and to offer suggestions that carry
the potential for change and improvement within a system that is out-dated, completely ineffective and painfully cruel in all aspects – an insult to a humane and progressive society.


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