Anna Morten's soul power has been providing successful life strategies, spiritual education and insights beyond global thinking to countless people worldwide since 1998 - helping them find purpose, meaning and happiness in their lives.

soul power Events and Workshops have changed the lives of people from all walks of life, including victims of abuse, rape, incest, AIDS patients, homeless youth in crisis, drugs addicts, people suffering with mental illness and disability and prisoners.

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Anna Morten
Introducing Anna - A Woman on a Mission

Her quest... the spiritual empowerment of men and women worldwide who seek to advance their universal understanding and unleash their spiritual potential.

An expert... in breaking the boundaries of conditioning, emotional restraint, limiting thinking patterns and activating the dormant inner power stifled by the lack or absence of spiritual connection.


Anna has dedicated her life to helping people discover and develop the full potential of their own inner power by taking them on a journey to find purpose, happiness, meaning and strength of spirit in their own lives.

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