We've Got it Wrong

Soul Power

How To Become Larger Than Life


Anna Morten
This book is guaranteed to
cause immense controversy.
As a former correctional counsellor, Anna Morten allows the reader glimpses behind the steel doors and razor wire of a maximum-security prison for men.

Review - 

As a former criminal law solicitor who operated in this system in the ‘80s and ‘90s, I too have seen (at least in part) that which Anna describes, and I have felt deeply the pain and frustration that she has expresses in this book. I visited prisons and mental facilities and spoke with and acted for their inmates on a regular basis. Eventually, I too left this line of work, feeling the futility of trying to operate from within it.

As a society we have allowed our systems to be effectively taken out of our hands and run on our behalf in ways that simply do not make sense and are counterproductive. Anna has set out in a clear and concise manner things in our corrections system that desperately needs our attention.

She writes from the point of view of both an expert and a caring and thoughtful human being who has all of our best interests at heart. Juxtapose this against the cold-minded, financially-based systems that our prisons are run under and I hope you will easily see and agree that we are faced with an immediate and urgent choice: Do we want to live in a community that continues on this self-destructive path or do we now take the steps that will lead to a happier and more enlightened future society?

I truly hope that your choice here is obvious. Forgive me if I wonder why we have taken so long to come to it. I congratulate Anna for setting out the information here that will, I pray, lead us to brighter choices for our future.

~ Helen M. Downs (former criminal law solicitor)
General comment -

Because the need is so very great, "We’ve Got It Wrong!” has the potential to be one of the most impacting books of the last 100 years or so. The need has been building and building within the world to the state of our crying for the solutions which are the revelations of someone who has lived it.


All great success to you Anna that "We’ve Got It Wrong!” will awaken the world’s inhabitants as it ripples into the consciousness. It is time for change!

~ Mike Edwards

Anna Morten
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The Cuckoo's Egg

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Straight forward! Highly impacting!

Excerpts from readers' testimonials

I am half way through your amazing ... wow ~ Lynette Kemeny

I am reading your book The Cuckoo's Egg. I am only up to Chapter 3 and I'm already lost for words on what you have experienced. ~ Erin Hearne


I am totally taken by the book "The Cuckoo's Egg" by the amazing Anna Morten. A must-read! Juliana D. Hakmi

The Cuckoo's Egg is pure inspiration from cover to cover! I was riveted from the moment I opened the first page and the story of Emma resonated deeply within me. Emma's courage, determination and sheer spirit to survive under the most challenging of life circumstances left me feeling totally inspired that I too could achieve whatever I set my heart to do and that nothing was impossible to achieve, no matter what. Having walked a spiritual path for many years myself, I was heartened to read of Emma's own spiritual search for her 'meaning of life' after her profound dream and clairvoyant visions and the subsequent path on which she walked in unfaltering steps along her way. A must-read in every aspect! Anna, you are truly an inspiration. I think of the chorus to Helen Reddy's "anthem" back in the 70's: "Oh yes, I am wise, but its wisdom born of pain, yes I've paid the price, but look how much I've gained, if I have to I can do anything. I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman". That's you and your determination to succeed. Julie Yee

Just thought I'd send you a little email to tell you how amazing your book is! I can't put it down and every chapter I read makes me want to read more and more. I'm only in part 2 but already your story has captivated me. Preena Pandit

Dear Anna, I have just finished reading your book and wanted to take the opportunity to thank you. I read it in 2 days (even with studies and a three-year-old little boy. I wanted to say thank you for writing such an inspirational book. The story is amazing and mind boggling, and I am ever grateful for you taking the time and courage to write a book that touched my heart so profoundly. At a time in my life when I seek answers and have an intense amount of impatience with my life path it is reassuring to understand that I need to take a breath. Fiona A.

I read your book Anna. It was the best. I loved, loved, loved it! Caroline S.

Hi Anna, Just finished reading your book, amazing read!!!! What an incredible, challenging, interesting, exciting story. Thanks for writing it. I have recommended your book to many family and friends. Best Wishes, Jacqueline P.

Anna, Your book is great! I can't put it down.I haven't read a book since my son was born 3 ½ years ago. I am almost finished.I am finding it to be inspiring and encouraging one to be true to self. Thank you so much. Rebecca T.

Hi Anna, I am up to part 2 of your book. It's the fastest I have ever read a book in my life. I think it's a great book and it is so hard to put it down. It is telling me to be strong and that I am never alone. I so very much needed to know that! When I am sad, I just re-read parts of it and smile. Thank you and much love, Brooke Lewin

Hello Anna, My niece recently gave me your book to read. I just couldn't put it down and was wondering where I could purchase more of your books. Kind regards, K. McMaster

Dear Anna, Do you have a new book out and how can l obtain a copy? Thanks. Lina Pearman

Dear Anna, I have just now finished reading your truly fascinating book. Interestingly, I spent time in Berlin when I was 17 years old and went to Potsdam and the East after the wall came down. I used to look at the housing complex and wonder what stories might be found within their walls.You sound like a very talented lady and you have found the perfect medium to help others. Many thanks, Karla J.

Hi Anna, I've just finished reading your book and want to compliment you on very well written book. It was one of those books that once you start you can't put down.The book had so much to offer from beginning to end.The first part was very inspiring and highlighted the power of self-determination.The second part of the book was extremely interesting and opened up ideas/thoughts and possibilities I had previously closed my mind to.I now find myself searching for information and have a strong desire to learn more about the spiritual aspects you mentioned in your book. Normally, once you finish a book - that is it, the journey's over and you move on to the next book. There are not many other books where the journey begins once you've finished the book.I look forward to your next book, which I'm sure, will be just as great if not better. Kind Regards, Leanne McLeod

Hi Anna, I enjoyed your book immensely. As a creative writing student I also admired your writing techniques and competence. It would be admirable on any basis, but given your non-English speaking background it was truly impressive. Cheers, Sue Goldstiver

Dear Anna, I've just finished reading your book and I feel compelled to send you this email and say that your book is an inspiration. I took from it that the only limitations are the ones we place on ourselves. It is empowering for all but especially women. Can't wait for the sequel.Best wishes, NormaJean Gaskin

Dear Anna, I found your book absolutely compelling! I couldn't put it down; strangely I felt I was reading about my own spirit in another person, another time and another place. You are an inspiration to all women and the this story of strength and determination to remain your own person regardless of all the obstacles that have to be overcome is to be highly recommended. I felt the pain. I shared the tears. I felt so connected to the character's feelings and thoughts that it was eerie. I found the character's love life interesting (from a woman's point of view), as she have views herself independently of what men wanted or expected from her. For any woman to still have the capacity to love another man after what she has been through is nothing short of amazing. After reading your book I admire you as a person and congratulate you as an Author.I wish you every success. Only good can follow you from here on. Sincerely, Carol Ward

Hi Anna, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book. It is fantastic and contagious. I can't put it down. Love, Louise

Dear Anna, I have just finished reading your book and felt I had to contact you. What a brilliant book and a very interesting and unusual story. The explanations regarding reincarnation and karma are so simple and logical, hence totally believable. I also found answers to many questions that have bothered me since childhood. After reading your book, which I did very quickly, I had a profound feeling that "all is right with the world". It is progressing in tune with a greater plan. This is a very comforting thought. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge.Kind regards, Judy B.

Hi Anna, It hasn't taken me long to read your book. In fact, I'd finished it within a few days I enjoyed it so much. Well done for showing your readers how to turn so many difficulties into positives. Debbie Morelli

Hi Anna, I purchased your book recently. I simply couldn't put it down and finished reading it over one weekend (what an amazing story!). You have answered many questions that I always wanted to know about our wonderful relationship with our spirit guides. As it so happened, your book landed in my lap at exactly the right time. Margaret D.

I read your book in a day and a half. I simply could not put it down. It is written with a candor not often seen in literary works and it felt like I was living Emma's life along with her. Its conclusion was eye opening and leads me to rethink long held beliefs and seeing the bigger picture of my own life. For some this book will be a fascinating account of a fascinating life, for others it will be life changing. Colin Allen.

I finished reading your book in the speed of light! I have not read a book for a long time - maybe 10 years - but I read yours everyday. Most of the books I read are about natural medicine, healing, Buddhism, Daoism and spirituality. Your book is very well written and very meaningful for the many people who are suffering because of their self-imposed limitations.I gained a lot of understanding about the Purpose of Life, the Spiritual Principles, Karma, Reincarnation from my study of Buddhism, which in many ways similar to the teaching in your book. Although we may use slightly different terminologies, they are the least things we need to consider. The ultimate Dao is nameless; it should pass from Heart to Heart irrespective of language. Mandy C.

Dearest Anna, Thank You! Thank You! Thank YOU! It is a weird but wonderful thing, this thing called life! I have had your book since last year and for all sorts of reasons I have picked it up and started to read it, then put it down, then started to read it again and put it down again. I finally got into it again about 3 weeks ago (and yes, I am a very slow reader) and now just finished it. Well, what an emotional roller coaster! The first half of your book had me up and down like a yo-yo, there were tears of joy, tears of sadness, anger, love and happiness, shared feelings throughout really. As for the spiritual side of this fantastic book... WOW!!!! Since my 21st birthday I've felt that we have higher beings that walk with us. Maybe give us messages that could mean a lot, if only we would listen. There is so much in your book that made me feel bewildered all weekend; yet I have had such a peaceful weekend and the interaction with everyone I have been in-touch with since Saturday night have been incredibly peaceful. Thank you ever so much for this gift you gave me! I really do appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. With Love, Francis S.

I purchased a copy of your book and found it to be amazing. It has been read by many of my friends and family. My mother bought a copy for herself and my other sister. I've searched the Internet and found your website.Have you written any other books? Thank you, Sandra

Liebe Anna, Dein Buch ist eine ueberaus faszinierende Lektuere! Noch nie in meinem Leben habe ich ein Buch gelesen,das mir so viel Freude, Frieden und innere Ausgeglichenheit bescherte. Besonders ab Kapitel 37 hatte ich staendig Traenen in den Augen. Ich bin fest davon ueberzeugt , dass Deine Buecher eine grossartige, beruhigende und hilfreiche Lehre fuer alle Menschen sein werden. Ich glaube an Dich und freue mich schon auf das naechste Buch. Margaret El-Rikabi

The Cuckoo's Egg describes perfectly that the human spirit can overcome every obstacle. This story gives an example how to fan the fire within. It inspires the reader. Couldn't put it down. Encouraging... Captivating... Inspiring... Life-changing..." Ashlum Tan

The Cuckoo's Egg shows an exciting side of life the majority of people will never get to see ... exciting, different, challenging, confronting. I am waiting for the sequel." Peter Griffiths
Your book is a must read!! Rich Harper
My mother gave me The Cuckoo's Egg to read before she died. Now I want to buy all the books you have written! Carol Eiser
I am reading The Cuckoo's Egg and am mesmerized. What an incredible writer you are. I am in every room, in every situation. Bless your heart and thank God you took all of those horrific things you had to deal with and made art out of them... put them as a canvas of life on earth and in a place where they can't touch you though it was called your life... I am usually a slow reader but I am already on page 87 and loving every minute. Erin Chandler
I'm loving your book. I can't put it down. The late nights are making me tired... lol. Is this really YOUR story? I'm inspired. I feel restless too. Excellently (or should I say 'eggselently' written. I'm very impressed by the English and I am fascinated by the story. Gripping stuff. Wendy Millgate
I'm loving your book, Anna. I'm just to the point where you've told Chris you're marrying Hassan. I wish I could just take a day to finish it. Amazing... Kara Oh
Dear Anna, I read your book The Cuckoos Egg and I will say what an inspirational person you are. Loved the book and many a times wondered how strong and courageous are you. Prati Pandit

You won’t be able to put it down!"The Cuckoo's Egg" is truly one of those rare books, that once you start reading, you are hooked, and you won't be able to put it down! It has it all - excitement, adventure, romance, suspense, and an ending that is both surprising and intriguing. And when you realise that it is based on the true story of a truly extraordinary woman, it makes it even more fascinating. Thanks Anna for writing this wonderful story, and I look forward with anticipation to your next book. Leanne Wrench

Impossible to put it down! It's not often that a book has me on the edge of the chair, gripped by excitement. This is not just a 'story based on true events' but an inspirational account of another dimension in all of our lives that we are seldom able to access. Emma's life is filled with trauma, devastation, and heartbreak on the one hand but exhilaration, excitement, challenge and inspiration on the other. Emma’s life experiences are far more than most of us could ever comprehend. But perhaps it is the extreme highs and lows of her life which in part, enable her to evolve spiritually to a level which gives her insights well above mere mortal experience. Her life and her extraordinary description of her supernatural encounters provide real inspiration for her readers. The 'Cuckoo's Egg' reads like a novel but contains the depth of a 'personal development' book. It’s a must-read book for all who would aspire to access the fullness of life, as we know it - and beyond! Thank you for writing so openly, Anna! Christine Houghton

The best book I’ve ever read! This is the best book I have ever read. The most inspirational story of a woman surviving the most traumatic life events one could imagine and managing to come through it all stronger than ever. Anna Morten has written the most inspirational story of all time and I thank her the inspiration and knowledge that if we stay positive, keep our dreams alive with positive goals we can achieve anything we put our minds too. Fiona Abbott

Congratulate you on your wonderful book! I started reading on Saturday morning, and couldn't put it down. I finished it by Sunday midday (can't remember ever reading a book from cover to cover so quickly). I found it extremely well written and the story is riveting. Congratulations on a wonderful book. Sandy Forster (Founder Wildly WealthyWomen & Author of "WildlyWealthy")

Thought I would drop you a line, to see if you have released a new book yet. I look forward to reading it. If so, maybe you can give me some idea where I may be able to purchase it. I am interesting in attending upcoming events or your visits to Sydney and have subscribed to your newsletter. Marilee Myers

A friend recommended your book and I have to say thank you for writing this amazing story. It is so beautiful and enlightening. Thank you for writing this wonderful book and all the best to you. Katie Evans Lothe

A very encouraging book that shows people that no matter how tough life gets, don't ever allow yourself to become a victim. Lyn Canter

I am not an avid reader, but I read your book in record time. Mandy Wright

I would like to congratulate you on the most fabulous book I've read in a long time. Tania Ferguson

I am writing to let you know that the women in the Brisbane Women's Correctional Centre are getting a great deal of inspiration and affiliation reading your enlightening book. Miranda Watkins, Correctional Counsellor

I am halfway through your book and really enjoying it! What an amazing tale. Congratulations on your accomplishment. I hope it has every success. ~ Barbara Biggs (author of the controversial and much publicized books IN MORAL DANGER & THE ROAD HOME)

Thank You very much for sharing your stories during our wonderful interview today. Your insights on life and your motivation to create change will no doubt touch many lives. Thank you for all that you share, do and give. Massive & Abundant Joy, Health, Love, Prosperity & Success to You! ~ Bernadette & Rachael(Global Success Community)


The Cuckoo's Egg is a compelling read if you are keen to explore the possibilities life offers. Regardless of your religious or philosophical standing, The Cuckoo's Egg is a book of self-discovery and inner growth, of spiritual awakening and universal awareness that resonates and affects.
When you read The Cuckoo's Egg you will feel empowered to get through the toughest obstacles to reach your own goals. Most seemingly difficult issues in your life will be recognized as easy-to-overcome.

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