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Anna MortenMeditation:

The focus of this site is to offer you the best tool to unlock the inner self, develop your spirituality and learn to become more intuitive.
The benefits of regular meditation are manifold and well known.

For some it is a form of stress release; others use it to gather their thoughts, affirm and/or visualise.

Meditation provides a sense of greater control over yourself and your life, so that no matter what was or is happening at any given time, you can still stay on top of your thoughts and emotions.

No one can control the challenges and adversities life throws at us from time to time, but we can learn to master the way we respond by aligning our thought process, because meditation allows the mind to experience something that is best described as an 'oasis of peace and love within the heart and mind'.

Learn to conquer unwanted thoughts and the emotions they trigger and align your mind and soul by using the free meditation I offer you as my gift. It will gradually enable you to feel peaceful and in control, and maintain your equilibrium irrespective of external influences.

Now sit comfortably, close your eyes and allow me to take you on a journey...

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