A Powerful Woman - An Extraordinary Life - A Compelling Message


Anna Morten


Anna has experienced and overcome human suffering in its most challenging forms facing deprivation, heartbreak, adversity, family rejection, abandonment, abuse and life threatening health challenges.

The events of Anna's past and her professional life have evolved into a remarkable account of self-discovery, inner growth, spiritual awakening and universal awareness, which she now shares with people worldwide through her books and unique soul power Events.

Her inspirational writing, speaking and workshops provide spiritual knowledge and understanding, comfort and enlightenment, compelling food for thought and life changing tools.
Anna is an acclaimed Spiritual Educator, Life Strategist, Counsellor & Behavioural Therapist, Author, Speaker and Seminar Leader with 20 years experience. She is also the psychic medium for a supreme Spirit Being from the Higher Realm of Light, who shares spiritual knowledge and wisdom with those who are ready and willing to listen and learn.

Anna's intuitive strength and psychic abilities are central to her work in introducing people to their own spirituality and psychic perceptions.
Her vision and commitment are to empower people to develop their highest personal and professional potential by embracing the spiritual qualities that form the basis of humanity.

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